Lindsey & Alex

8 13 2022 | Seattle, WA

The Wedding Party

Megan Church

Maid of Honor

Megan is Lindsey’s older sister. She taught Lindsey about basically everything she’s ever liked, most notably Buffy, podcasts, musical theater, and Harry Potter.

Sean Dunn


Sean was Lindsey’s college roommate. They met in the Swing Kids club at UW Sean’s freshman year and bonded over Irish drinking songs, party planning, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She is an honorary member of the Judge family.

Katelyn "Astird" Orchard


Katelyn is Lindsey’s best friend from high school. They met in freshman French class and bonded over The Office, Avenue Q, and creating their collective boyfriend Bob. Lindsey gave her her nickname Astird after the day that episode of The Office aired because her French name was Astrid.

Kelsie Haakenson


Kelsie was Lindsey’s college roommate. They met in the club Swing Kids at UW their freshman year. They bonded through theme parks, ski trips, and long talks about their lives.

Katie Goldstein


Katie is Lindsey’s cousin. She moved to New York right after Lindsey and made New York feel more like home. They have bonded throughout their lives over their shared love of Cabin in the Woods, film making, swimming pools, and steak.

Abrianna Bell-Towne


Abrianna is Alex’s younger sister. Lindsey met her for the first time after a production of Big Fish. They worked together at Lund Opsahl in Seattle and bonded over musical theater, calls over speakerphone, and work frustrations. Lindsey is very excited to be her sister.

Daniele Bower

Best Person

Alex and Daniele met when they were in middle school at Daniele's mom's taekwondo school together. She is his fashion advisor and lifelong friend. He was a groomsman in her wedding in 2018 and is excited to have her be his best person.

Brendan Kellogg


Brendan is Alex’s friend from college and coworker at Square. They met when Brendan replaced Alex as the iSchool IT Student Assistant and they bonded over working on projects together, traveling to Hawaii, and honey walnut shrimp.

Sean Ker


Sean is a Alex’s roommate from college. They met in the dorms freshman year and lived together for 3 years. They bonded through cooking, feng shui, and traveling in England and Scotland together.

Hiram Munn


Hiram is Alex’s friend from college. They met when Alex was preparing to take over the position of IUGA IT director from him. They bonded over IUGA drama, very tall hugs, and tacos.

Ryan Church


Ryan is Lindsey’s brother in-law. Alex first met Ryan in Lindsey’s parents’ kitchen after the St. Patrick’s Day Party while eating grilled cheese. They have bonded over computers, bidets, and buying space.

Dakota Bell-Towne


Dakota is Alex’s younger brother. They have a shared love of Minecraft, biking, and bad puns. Alex is excited to have his oldest little brother stand with him on his wedding day.